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My name is Miguel,

Magick has always been apart of my life.  I turned to magick in 2016 and never looked back. Creating my own reality and manifesting my thoughts has led me here, and you to me.

I’ve met many wonderful souls through magick, cleansing them of negativity, protecting their energy and bringing new and old loves back together.

Being a Santa Muerte devotee, she has showed me many beautiful experiences, intense healing and miracles never thought possible.


Light Spells: 

  • Spiritual Cleanse
  • Road Opener
  • Protection

Heavy Spells:

  • Return to Sender
  • Unhexing
  • Banishing and Protection
  • Career and Money

Here are spells that I recommend:

Santa Muerte Love Spell:

Letting Santa Muerte bring a lover back or have someone fall in love with or bring new love into your life. (60 minute) - only for single people.

Spiritual Cleanse Ritual:

Using my spirits and ancestors, they can help remove negative energy and forces that may have latched into you. (30 minutes)

Uncrossing/Unhexing Service:

this service is for people that may have been bewitched, experiencing a blockage in life, or come across a very powerful negative force. This service is meant to remove that energy away and get life back to normal. (60 minutes)  

Petition Santa Muerte (candle service):

This service is for people who can’t have Santa Muerte in their home and would still like to ask her for her magic. I will petition Santa Muerte for you whatever you are asking of her.  If you're feeling stuck, low energy, or need a spiritual space cleansing. (30 minutes)

Spell Work:

Light Spells - 30 Minutes: $50 
Heavy Spells - 60 Minutes: $100
Love Spells - 60 Minutes: $125
Petition Santa Muerte - 30 Minutes: $50



My boundaries are to have faith in my work and have faith in yourself.

Any question about the spells I can answer through email at miguel.zodianz@gmail.com

  1. I will not cast a love spell if you're already in a relationship
  2. I do not offer free spells
  3. Please note that some spells are only temporary
  4. No time table on spells, can take days, weeks, or months depending on your situation and life path
  5. I'll send photos or videos for spells if you choose phone call only
  6. Be open-minded and know that the spirits will choose whats best for you

Booking a Session

If you are international: 

I recommend getting either Skype (live) or the email service.

Time Differences (PST): 

You should be able to book sessions YOUR time zone. If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact support@zodianz.com 


I accept all major credit cards or you can with PayPal.

Check your Spam Box:

All initial contact will be through the email address (readings@zodianz.com).

**Please be sure to check your spam folder for booking information, just in case.**

If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact support@zodianz.com 

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