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My name is Siobhan.

I am a Past Life Regression and Tarot Card Sage.

I concentrate on helping you break Karmic Cycles that are blocking you from growth (spiritually, mentally, love, financial, career, etc.).

My services always revolve around your spiritual and mental growth. The guidance I offer will be a combination of divination, psychoanalysis and us brainstorming for your best interests.

The magic of spirituality comes from the fact that YOU control the pace. I’m just here to help steer you in the right direction.

If this resonates with you, it would be my pleasure to be part of your journey.

My Objective

To create a space of trust and healing so my clients can properly evolve into their highest self.

Bringing the Power Back 

Throughout our lives we build up traumas and fears that hold us back from success, ultimately, giving us a sense of being subjugated by our destiny. Past Life Regression gives us the rare opportunity to look back at a life with full details (emotions, physical sensations, people we know in this life, etc.) and bring back the sense of control in our current life. Tarot gives us a direct message from the Divine/Universe/God/Whatever you want to call it, on how to regain the steering wheel of life.


Let’s be frank, the stronger our attachment the larger the possible disappointment. Many attachments are obvious, maybe a lover you can’t quit or drugs to help you get away from reality, but some aren’t as easily pinpointed or can be hidden behind many other attachments. A great example of this is saying, “If only my partner would act like this then I would be happy.” Surface level, this is a negative relationship cycle of enabling or picking the wrong partner, but on a deeper level this is actually the need to control those around you due to current and past situations where you felt like someone or a situation was controlling your life.

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Have you ever wondered why you feel so connected with somebody? Or perhaps an explanation on why you hate/love drinking? Past Life Regression can answer that and give you some surprising other tidbits on who you are in this lifetime and what karmic cycles you need to break.

What is Past Life Regression?

If you believe in reincarnation then the idea of a past life isn't so farfetched.  If you've gone far enough in your spiritual journey then questioning who you were before this lifetime has come across your mind a few times.  I'm here to help you link the present with the past.

I'm here to help you link the present with the past.

So how does it work?

Most practitioners use hypnosis by asking a serious of questions and usually leading you in a certain direction.  My approach is more of a deep guided meditation where we take a spiritual journey. Simply put: astral traveling.

With many people, astral traveling isn't the easiest, so we might have to do a few practice rounds to get you used to being in a deep meditative state, but by the second or third trial, you should be able to see a past life.  With each session I will ground, balance your chakras and revitalize your soul. 

My Past Life Sessions Include:

All my sessions can be recorded with your permission, and I also offer FaceTime (if you have an iPhone).  If you want to FaceTime, then please choose "Other Video App" when you book the session.

Side Note: This is my absolute FAVORITE session to do!

Choose Past Life Readings

90 Minutes (1.5 hours): $95



How to prepare for a session with me:

  • Please have a distraction free environment, I have children too, an occasional interruption is fine but I’m not about to pull cards while you’re out doing errands (yes, this has happened)
  • Be ready for me to tell you some hard truths and some things you might not like to hear. If you’re sensitive, let me know.
  • I rarely channel spirits, but if they show up then they might show some personal things about you. Be prepared for that.
  • Do you want to grow and evolve as a person, or do you want cookie cutter answers? If it’s the latter, then maybe an eight ball is a better choice for you.
  • Use the bathroom beforehand (nothing ruins an astral travel like a call from nature)

Reviews and Testimonials

“I just want to thank you again for my reading…. It set me on fire in thebest way and im sooooo excited and motivated for my future. What you said was spot on and in direct alignment with where my life is going and the changes I, making to get there. You made me feel comfortable and all the examples you used to make me understand what the universe needed me to know were perfect. I wish I had YOU in my life a loooooong time ago but im so grateful for you now. ThankYou for the confirmation.”

–Tamesha, review on a Tarot Session

“I don’t get read often. But when I do, this is one of my sisters that I go to. She does amazing healing work. Shout out to all the women helping other women journey through life and who help to create the healing space.”

Gabi @Thee.G.Spot on Instagram a fellow talented healer, a review on a Past Life Regression and Tarot Session

I just had a love reading with Shabon and she was able to read right through all the bull$@!# in my so called relationship. It felt so good to receive confirmation that my ex bf is truly being very negative and I’m not the monster he paints me to be. I love Shabon’s straight forwardness and doesn’t hide the truth! She give it to you straight and I needed that! After this reading I feel amazing and gave me the guidance I needed to take the next steps!!! I really highly recommend a reading with this beautiful gifted soul!!!! Loved this girl!!! Xoxo

J. Garcia

Booking a Session

If you are international: 

I recommend getting either Skype (live) or the email service.

Time Differences (PST): 

You should be able to book sessions YOUR time zone. If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact support@zodianz.com 


I accept all major credit cards or you can with PayPal.

Check your Spam Box:

All initial contact will be through the email address (readings@zodianz.com).

**Please be sure to check your spam folder for booking information, just in case.**

If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact support@zodianz.com 

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