My name is Uma,

Uma, the Queen of Cups, is an empathic spiritual healer who uses her Clairsentient and Clairempathetic abilities to connect with others on a Spiritual frequency.  

Her empathic abilities also translate into the Spirit world through mediumship and divination.

About Me

I have always had the ability to “feel” others but only recognized this ability as a gift within the past 10 years.  This recognition was the catalyst for a more in-depth journey within that led me to a place of a strong interest and now passion for the esoteric arts.

I became Reiki Level II certified in 2014.  Through the process of atonement I gained a deep understanding of universal energy and how healing one’s trauma can begin with removing blockages in the energetic body as opposed to the physical body.  Once I received my atonement my empathic abilities heightened and I found I was able to communicate with the Spirit realm through use of pendulums.

Through my own spiritual practices and personal growth I have assisted close family and friends with various life occurrences offering guidance in love, personal development, finding life purpose, recognizing spiritual gifts and the understanding that our outward realities are always a reflection of our inward being.  I have also utilized brief readings of one’s astrological birth charts to help others understand how they show up in the world and how it affects how they interact with others.

My empathic spiritual gifts grant me access to offering intuitive guidance regarding love, relationships, recognizing soul’s purpose and receiving information from loved ones who have transitioned from our physical reality to the Spirit realm.

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Psychic Love Readings

Get intuitive and spiritual guidance on relationships, compatibility, karmic ties and your love life.  Through empathic awareness and connection to one’s energetic frequency offer spiritual and divine guidance resulting in a deeper connection with self and how it relates to others.

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30 Minutes ($45)
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Seeking answers and guidance from the Spirit realm can only be achieved with a true openness in mind in heart.  Ego has no place in readings with me. My ability to sync with your energy and with Spirit will be diminished.

Ego has no place in readings with me.

Please Read Carefully

  1. I will not tap into any other person’s energy, if they are not intertwined in your love or life path. My sessions are solely for the person booking the session and anybody specifically involved in their question.

  2. I have a casual style, so prepare to have an intuitive conversation with me. I ask that you come prepared with questions and don’t be silent.  It will feel like a dialogue between two long-time friends.

Booking a Session

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All initial contact will be through the email address (readings@zodianz.com).

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If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact support@zodianz.com 

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